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SAFShops Official Launch Date--March 31, 2008

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! BOYS AND GIRLS! The one-stop resource for your shopping queries will officially launch on Monday, March 31, 2008! We are working hard at SAFShops to give you a blog that you will keep you coming back for more inspiration for your future shopping adventures! First up will be a search for the must have items in every woman's wardrobe. We are going to find classic and modern (not TRENDY) versions of the top 10 articles of clothing every woman should possess in our "10 Things Your Closet Can’t Live Without. We are feverishly reading through the top arbiters of style's handbooks and tricks of the trade books, before you buy, in our “Buy it, Borrow it or Leave it on the Shelf” reviews. We will let you know which tomes in your local bookstore are worth their weight in gold or best left on the shelf. Also, we will feature regular installments of "Style from the Cube" for those of you who find yourselves perplexed and scratching your heads when the terms business casual or office appropriate are bandied about. We intend to add much more to the site and welcome your feedback, suggestions and challenges. Buhbye for now...We look forward to making your fashion outlooks brighter! Sincerely, SAFShops

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