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10 Things I Love About Fashion...

Fashion is flexible. Trends come and go and last season's do is often this season's don't with "the new black" never lasting for long.

For fashion addicts, like myself, there is one standard that can never fail--the 10 essential pieces every woman should own. These pieces have been written about, discussed ad nauseam and defined by many a fashion expert.

Today I present 3 such essential 10 lists created by Nina Garcia, Tim Gunn and Carmen Electra.

As a woman, I find each of their lists to be inspiring and much similar than expected. Each list is a spin on the Classic Ten researched and explained in great detail by author, Nancy MacDonell-Smith. According to MacDonell-Smith, the classic ten is as follows:

Jeans, Pearls, the Suit, Lipstick, Sneakers, the High Heel, the Trench Coat, the White Shirt, the Cashmere Sweater and the Little Black Dress (LBD to those in the know).

Both Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn borrow heavily from this list, including bonuses: Tim's Top 10 Skirt, Jeans, Blazer, Day Dress, Trench Coat, Cashmere Sweater, Basic Black Dress, Classic White Shirt, Classic Dress Pants, Sweatsuit Alternative and a Bonus Trendy Item under $20 Nina's 10 Essentials LBD, Denim, Diamonds, Great Bag, Trench Coat, Ballet Flats, Man's Classic Watch, Classic High Heel Pump, Classic Men's White Shirt, Cashmere Cardigan or Turtleneck and a Bonus Dramatic Piece, such as a Cocktail Ring Carmen Electra's list is intended for the sexy woman's closet. I believe all women are sexy and this list can only help you to preserve it: Carmen Electra's 10 Sexy Pieces LBD , Sexy Panties, A-Line Skirt, Great Evening Bag, Great Everyday Bag, V-Neck Cashmere Sweater, Great Bra that Fits Well, Slimming, Dark Denim Jeans, Black, Close-Toe, 2-3 inch heels and Diamond/Cubic-Zirconium Stud Earrings All three of these fashionistas (yes, Tim Gunn is a fashionista and you know it!) have great ideas and as I said before, fashion is flexible. It is also adaptable to your reality and I have created SAFShops 10 Pieces Your Closet Can't Live Without: LBD...great for any occasion and in a breathable fabric, preferably natural. The Big Bag...great to carry your life, laptop and more. A Great pair of Dark's the most flattering shade and ages beautifully. CZ account's too tiny for diamonds, but today's CZ is not your Mother's CZ! Sexy Undies...or sheery sh** as my friend likes to call those cute mesh panties. A Great Watch...find the watch that expresses you and fits your wrist. Black Pumps...they can take you from the cube to the club in 2 seconds flat. A Fitted Bra...get your girls measured and quit being miserable. I did! A Statement Coat...whether it be trench, pea or cape; a coat in a hot color will always be in style! Great Fitted Button Down...white is classic, but feel free to punch it up in fuschia. My Bonus: The Classic Strand of Pearls...Nothing says elegance like pearls. My final note is to remember that you can never go wrong with one or more of these fabulous items and each woman's 10 will be perfect for her.

Share your thoughts and your 10 must haves in the comments section! Ciao for now, SAFShops SOURCE SOURCE

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  1. Thank you, SAF Shops! This post was great. Every woman needs to know about this list!

    The Brown Girl


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