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Award Shows are what?

Currently loving this video. ENJOY!

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As I perused the wares at my favorite store I came across this horrendous display. Usually, I am on board with the apparel sold beneath the Big Red Bullseye, but this is not the business! I know T.O. rocked the grown-up version of kiddie sleepwear, but that does not make it cool! No sir!

Now, if you disagree and want a Nick & Nora® Women's Footie PJ of your very own, they are currently on sale at

See the full gallery on posterous

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Where do you find your fashion steals and deals?

Thrift stores, garage sales, big-box retailers or the trendy stores...where do you find your best deals for clothing, accessories and the treasures of your closet?

My personal favorites include the following:

  • Target...even without Mr. mizrahi at the helm, they we smart to pay attentio to his designs and have done a great job of continuing to prvide stylish options for reasonable prices including the Merona, Xhilaration, Go International lines and their Design For All capsule collections.
  • Wal-Mart...I know it's an odd choice, but the big W has made some smart moves in the past few years with their George, L.E.I. and Norma Kamali offerings.
  • Goodwill...a recent addition to my list, but a great place to not only find interesting costume jewelry, but also to find cute seperates or this year's Halloween outfit.
Where do you find your fashion steals and deals? Share below...

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Monday's Outfit

For those of you in the know the SAFSHOPS head honcho, aka Ms. Smiley, has been out of work since February of this year. A lot has happened in the past few months (I've moved like 3 times, was a nanny for 30 whole days, am interning at a non-profit and am now dating again) and I plan on changing the blog around a little. I am still looking for fellow bloggers who would like to join the gang and add content to the blog. The title will remain the same, but we will try to make it a bit more personal including product reviews, shopping adventures and more. I'm actually a bit excited because I have 3 followers (other than myself) and thank them for following me! That's about it, but to end the post, below is a recent outfit I was very proud of because it didn't cost too much and included a Goodwill purchase. Enjoy!
BCBG Grey Jacket on sale at Macy's, Old Navy Black undershirt, Chico's Black skirt via Goodwill, HUE Espresso fishnet hose via TJ Maxx, Mossimo Black pumps at Target
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SAFSHOPS Editor Guest Blogs on Affluent Pauper!

Hi Boys and Girls!

SAFSHOPS has been on yet another hiatus, but will be back up and running with new writers and a redesign over the next few months. New posts will begin next week, so until then check out a Side by Side shop guest post our Editor-In-Chief recently wrote for the Affluent Pauper. Our budgeting ways are not limited to fashion y'all!

As a single gal who tries to feed herself something interesting and healthy-ish on a semi-daily basis, I’m often wondering whether I should head to the gorgeously designed and sensory-overloading Whole Foods for the slightly pricey a la carte dinner trip or skip on over to the more intimate and often times friendlier Trader Joe’s for an easy all-in-one budget-friendly frozen meal. READ MORE

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