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Buy, Borrow or Leave It on the Shelf

Effortless Style by June Ambrose The subtitle to this book, if one existed, might very well be “Everything You Need to Express Your Inner Celebrity.
Within her slender 176 page-turner, Ms. Ambrose provides tips and tricks of her trade for every woman’s body shape and style preference. The guide is a must have for the fashionista, the trendaholic and every woman in between. Effortless features tips and secrets, including how to develop your personal style and how to dress like a celebrity on a tight budget.
The most refreshing thing about this guide is the variety of style options. Ambrose shares suggestions for women more comfortable stepping out in sandals and Bohemian Chic clothing along side women stomping around in Jimmy Choo’s exuding an Uptown Sophisticate air.
No style is risqué and Ambrose discusses how to dress in a sophisticated and chic style or as an alluring vixen. Ambrose helps you outfit your curves (or lack thereof) from head to toe, teaching you how to flatter your best features to help raise your confidence and elevate your star power. There is a style option for everyone, whether you have supermodel proportions or are plus-size and petite, June thinks of every woman. One major bonus: her words of wisdom won't put a hole in your new stylish handbag you picked up at Target. Sprinkled throughout the book, like crumbs on your way home to Fashion Town, Ambrose's own personal mantras like replacing the tried and true LBD with the LRD: little red dress. Ambrose speaks to the reader as one of your close friends and creates a feeling of comfort as she helps you to expose your style woes to her:
You: “June, I want to be fabulous, fantastic and fierce! I want to dress like a super celebrity and make all the boys stop and stare! I want to be looked at as a styling diva who knows how to put it together in all areas of my life. I want effortless style!” June: “I am your support system. I am here to help you find your fabulous self. It’s locked inside of you and my book is the key to help you kick that door open! I am your style guru!”
Probably the most helpful aspect of the book is the inclusion of trade secrets celebrities and stylists use to evade common fashion disasters. Scared of falling in your hot new skyscraper stilettos? Ambrose recommends taking ALL new shoes to your local shoe-repair shop, probably in the nearest mall, and requesting the soles be outfitted with grips to prevent slipping and sliding.
For the budget fashionista, she also features a D.I.Y. project involving sharp scissors and tic-tac-toe pattern. Who knew a $5 trip to the cobbler could prevent an expensive trip to the doctor and spare you from priceless embarrassment? My final review--Head to your nearest bookstore or grab it online. Effortless Style is a must have edition to your fashion library as a guide for achieving high fashion looks on a dime store budget and helping you put together a collection of clothes that express who you are beautifully.
~~E. Smiley for SAFShops

To learn more about June Ambrose, you can view her bio on the 2007 Essence Women Shaping the World conference site, read her Clutch magazine interview, check out this feature story on AOL BlackVoices, her profile on, another Q&A on Fashion Week Daily and of course, her personal web site.

Per her site, an Effortless Style Survival Kit is coming soon for those of us who need more than her sage words to get started!


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